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Built-In Appliances in Loveland, OH

Unlike freestanding appliances, built-in appliances can be integrated into, or built-into, your kitchen cabinets. “Panel-ready” appliances allow custom panels to be affixed to the outside of an appliance. Because the panels can match the cabinets, appliances can blend unobtrusively into any kitchen design, while others have a stainless steel finish. If you are in the market for built-in appliances in Loveland, Howard’s Kitchen Studio is the place to find what you need to create your dream kitchen. 

Built-in appliances give you a functional space with a custom look. When you first start shopping for built-in appliances in Loveland, you might be disappointed by the limited choices found in your local home improvement store.  However, at Howard’s Kitchen Studio you will find a vast selection of high-end  built-in appliances like Bluestar, Miele, and Bertazzoni, among others. Howard’s offers unique built-in microwave drawers, wall ovens, panel-ready refrigerators and other premiere, built-in appliances in Loveland.

There are benefits to choosing freestanding appliances. Freestanding appliances generally cost less, are more easily transported, and can be installed without professional assistance. However, there are definite advantages to choosing built-in appliances. Built-in appliances allow homeowners to have gas and electric appliances. Homeowners get more choices in the width and size of their appliances. Maybe the most appealing advantage, is creating a clean, uniform, custom look.

With Howard’s Kitchen Studio, you get more than just another Loveland appliance store. Howard’s can help both design and install your kitchen. Whether you are planning a total remodel or just adding some extra counter space, we have award-winning designers to help you choose the best built-in appliances in Loveland.  Check out the list of luxury brands we carry below and come visit our Mariemont showroom today!


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