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Built-In Appliances in Indian Hill

Unlike freestanding appliances, built-in appliances are built into the cabinetry of your kitchen. Perhaps one of the most interesting options is “panel-ready” built-in appliances. These units provide the opportunity for custom cabinetry panels to be installed on the face of the appliance. This creates a seamless blend between appliance and cabinet. When you’re looking for built-in appliances in Indian Hill, be sure to make your first stop Howard’s Kitchen Studio!

Most individuals who shop for built-in appliances in Indian Hill are surprised with the minimal options they have when they visit a nearby big-box store. Whether they’re looking for the right wall oven, panel-ready refrigerator, or microwave drawer, they tend to find the same common selection that can be found just about anywhere. Howard’s Kitchen Studio, on the other hand, offers one of the broadest selections of luxury built-in appliances in Indian Hill. We offer premiere appliance brands such as Bluestar, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, and more.

Traditional freestanding appliances certainly have some advantages. They can often be found at a lower price point, can be moved and replaced easily, and generally don’t require professional installation services. Built-in appliances, however, offer some major advantages as well. They give your kitchen a more professional, custom appearance. You have a larger set of options available when it comes to sizes. Plus, installing built-in appliances gives the homeowner the chance to choose multiple heating options for cooking appliances. This means you can have both gas and electric in one kitchen.

Maybe the best thing about  Howard’s Kitchen Studio is that we’re not just a traditional Cincinnati appliance store. We offer award-winning kitchen design and installation services as well. Our nationally-recognized designers would love to help you make the best possible selection when you’re looking for built-in appliances in Indian Hill. So whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen or just looking to create some additional counter space, stop by our showroom near Mariemont today!


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