Built-In Appliances


Built-In Appliances in Cincinnati

Built-in appliances, unlike freestanding appliances, are integrated into (or built-into) a kitchen’s cabinetry. Some offer a stainless steel appearance, while “panel-ready” appliances provide the opportunity for custom panels to be installed on the appliance’s face. This allows them to blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets. When you’re looking for built-in appliances in Cincinnati, your first and final stop should be Howard’s Kitchen Studio!

If you desire a custom look for your kitchen, or simply want an efficient use of space, built-in appliances are a great choice. Most people who go looking for built-in appliances in Cincinnati, however, are surprised at what few choices they have when they visit their local home store. Whether they’re searching for the perfect wall oven, microwave drawer, or panel-ready refrigerator, they only see the same old options that have been available forever. Howard’s Kitchen Studio, on the other hand, offers one of the widest varieties of premiere built-in appliances in Cincinnati. We offer high-end appliance brands such as Miele, Bluestar, Bertazzoni, and more.

Freestanding appliances definitely have their advantages. They are usually less expensive, can be easily moved from location to location, and don’t tend to necessitate professional installation. Built-in appliances, on the other hand, offer some distinct advantages of their own. They allow your kitchen to have a more professional, custom look. They come in a wider variety of widths and sizes. Plus, utilizing built-in appliances affords you the opportunity to choose multiple heating options for your cooking appliances, both gas and electric.

What’s great about Howard’s Kitchen Studio is that we’re not just another Cincinnati appliance store. We offer kitchen design and installation services as well. Our award-winning designers would love to help you make the right choices for built-in appliances in Cincinnati. Whether you’re remodeling an entire kitchen or looking to create some additional counter space. Stop by our showroom near Mariemont today!


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