Space With a Purpose

Space With a Purpose

House Beautiful magazine recently offered great suggestions for repurposing space above cabinets in your kitchen to increase storage and to make a distinctive design statement in your home. These ideas can be a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create a new look if you are not ready to remodel your existing kitchen.

If you are considering a dramatic improvement to the most important room in your home, these suggestions can start your creative juices flowing. Many of our clients do not want their cabinets to touch the ceiling. We work with them on the small details that help them to make a huge impact. If you would like additional ideas for making your kitchen so much better, contact Howard’s Kitchen Studio!

Show off your silver and serving pieces: Layering silver and ceramic or other serving pieces helps to fill deep overhead space above cabinets.

Quick and easy fixes: If you don’t like the space or you don’t necessarily want to showcase cookware, silver, ceramics or other items in your kitchen, consider a curtain. The space behind the curtain is a perfect spot to stash items that you don’t necessarily want to look at every day. Another simple and easy fix is to paint the space that pops against the color of your cabinets, backsplash and ceiling. We can help you pick the color even if we did not design your kitchen.

Twinkle lights: Twinkle lights help to make any space more attractive, even in the most difficult to deal with spaces.

Wallpaper and vases: Mixing two mediums with different textures is a surefire way to make a distinctive and impressive design statement. Wallpaper makes a lot of sense for the space above kitchen cabinets. Wow happens when you combine wallpaper with vases that complement the wallpaper colors.

Send a message: We are so fortunate to have many, many creative clients who have made fabric topped letters to make distinctive design statements in their homes that sends a distinctive message to friends and family such as Enjoy, Relax, Create or the time-honored Eat. Pick a word, or if there is room a phrase, that makes you and your family the happiest. If you don’t have room for a word or phrase, consider a single light-up letter. It could be the initial of your last name. Make you light-up letter pop by surrounding it with multiple colored bottles or vases.

Green your space: Live plants provide a lush vibe. In some cases faux plants can work, but try to avoid placing fake plants that look fake.

Create an art gallery: If there is lots of space to fill, consider using the area to hang artwork. For more expansive spaces, we recommend hanging two rows of artwork at differing heights. Even if you have a small amount of space, art works.

A blank canvas: Chalkboard paint allows you to send different and distinctive messages continually. If you are not familiar with chalkboard paint, it is really cool. We specify it sometimes for a portion of a wall covering that enables our clients to write down grocery lists, reminders, notes and messages. When you want to change the message, simply wipe off what is written and start your new message. Very cool and helps to turn awkward space above cabinets into a vibrant message center.

Create a library: Many of our clients renovate their kitchens because they love to cook. They often have a library of cookbooks that are space eaters. We can’t think of a better solution for your cookbooks than to showcase them above your cabinets.

Baskets: Elegantly displayed wire for storage or multiple shaped and colored woven baskets that you have picked up during your travels will remind you of fun times and the great deal you made at many a flea market.

We can help you with your hard to manage space in the kitchen above the cabinets, in awkward corners or just about anywhere else, because this is what we do everyday for our clients and it’s what makes them and us the happiest. Visit one of our two showrooms, or contact us!

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