Two New Refigerators on Display!

Two New Refigerators on Display!

At Howard’s Kitchen Studio, we’re known for our two beautiful showrooms. Both our Loveland and Mariemont locations are great places to come and get ideas for your home’s new kitchen design, while our Plainville Rd./Mariemont location is also a premiere location to view and learn about high-end appliances. Today, we’re excited to announce two new refrigerators on display at our Plainville Rd. location.

First, we’re pleased to display Perlick’s 24″ column refrigerator and freezer with stainless steel panel doors. 

The Perlick column refrigerator is designed to be integrated, invisibly blending into any kitchen design – until you open the doors. It is then you’ll be greeted a flood of beautiful white light, illuminating one of the the most advanced preservation systems on the market. A mix of slate black and stainless steel interiors with glass provide an exceptional backdrop for food and beverages – a far cry from white plastic interiors you’ll find elsewhere.

Its companion, the Perlick column freezer, has the capacity to store frozen food (including your secret stash of ice cream), glassware and ice. Combined with the column refrigerator, you have 48” of commercial-grade refrigeration that meets the standards of a restaurant kitchen without compromising style. Perlick designs are truly where commercial-grade performance meets luxury appliances.

Additionally we’re also excited to display BlueStar’s new 36″ built-in refrigerator. Refrigeration has been mastered by BlueStar who has already conquered a vast array of professional-grade cooking appliances for the home. Inspired by how refrigerators function in top chefs’ kitchens, BlueStar’s 36″ built-in refrigerator offers broad full-width storage options on adjustable glass shelves, big full-extension soft-close storage drawers, and adjustable tall-bottle door bins, all housed in a clean stainless steel interior for maximum cooling capability. Independent dual compressors and evaporators keep fresh foods in moist, cold air, and frozen foods in dry, frigid air. A full extension tray in the refrigerator fits a commercial-size sheet pan, making it the perfect complement to your BlueStar range. The extra-large freezer also accommodates a commercial size sheet on top of the bottom bin.

Already a showstopper in performance, the refrigerator’s top and bottom door panels can be ordered in a vast number of colors for any design. More than 750 colors are available! The Precious Metals collection offers bold yet tempered colors while the Jewel Tones series has bright, vivid, high-gloss colors that take from the vibrant, reflective look of real gems. Trim options for plated handles and handle ends are the perfect final touch of various metals such as bronze, brass and copper. The color combinations are endless!

Stop by our Plainville Rd./Mariemont location to take a look at these two new appliances. Interested in more information? Feel free to contact Howard’s Kitchen Studio!

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