A beautiful (small) kitchen

A beautiful (small) kitchen

We find that many people shy away from remodeling their kitchen because of its small footprint. Smaller spaces should not be viewed as a deterrent rather they provide an incredible opportunity to become innovative. Our designers can help make a small space look and feel much larger than it actually is.

In one recent design, we stepped outside of the box, literally, by specifying base cabinets that were 15-inches deep instead of the standard 24 inches. This provides for more floor space and doesn’t compromise storage significantly because it only eliminates areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. Here are some other cabinet ideas:

  • Cabinets with touch-activated latches eliminate the need for pulls or knobs and create clean lines that make the space appear larger.
  • Mix upper cabinets with open shelving to create a more open feel.
  • Use glass doors to make upper cabinets appear brighter without compromising storage.
  • Install lighting over, under and inside of cabinets to add brightness to the room and help eliminate dark shadows that give the impression that the room is shrinking.

For a backslash in a smaller area, consider a mirrored or reflective stainless steel backsplash that acts as a mirror. It will make the room appear to be much larger. Using a short backsplash that matches the wall color helps to eliminate the distinction between where the backsplash ends and the wall begins, which makes the wall look taller.

The type of sink also affects the look and feel of a new kitchen. We recently specified a single bowl sink placed in a 24-inch cabinet instead of the standard 30-inch sink, and that freed up six inches of counter space on each side of the sink. If you have a smaller kitchen consider reducing the size of your sink and use the space for other more useful purposes.

When it comes to appliance selection for smaller spaces:

  • Consider an 18-inch dishwasher instead of a standard-size 24-inch. This will allow for larger cabinets in other parts of your kitchen.
  • Consider a 30-inch refrigerator instead of a standard 36-inch model.
  • Panels on the fridge and dishwasher provide a sophisticated and airy look.
  • Picking a beautiful range hood can eliminate the need to use cabinetry to hide the ductwork.

Don’t look at a small footprint as a deterrent to having your dream kitchen. If you would like to know more techniques for making smaller space appear larger, contact us today!

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